OCTOBER 1964 - MARCH 1966

George Barry Wilson, Jr. was born to Anna Tilghman and George Barry Wilson 16 January 1924, at St. Joseph's Hospital in San Diego, California. He grew up as a navy junior, traveling with his family to the Far East and a number of cities on both coasts of the United States.

Upon graduation from Woodrow Wilson High school in 1942, he entered Randalls Prep School for intensive training in preparation for the entrance exam for the Naval Academy. He passed the exam with high marks and won a Presidental appointment to the Naval Academy. He was unable to pass the eye exam and entered the V-12 Program at Cornell University. He transferred to the NROTC Program at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in March of 1943. He graduated and was commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserve, receiving his commission from his father Rear Admiral Geo. B. Wilson, U.S.N. on 6 June 1945.

He reported to the U.S.S. Denver (CL-58) at the Norfolk Naval Base in July that year. He was detached from Denver in August 1946 and married Helen Doris Carroll in Troy New York, 4 September 1946, enroute to the U.S.S. Saint Paul (CA-73), in Long Beach California. He served in the Gunnery Department as the Third Division Officer and qualified as an OOD Underway in a Fast Carrier Task Force within ten months. From the Saint Paul he reported to the U.S. Naval Line School for officers who had transferred from the Naval Reserve to the U.S. Navy.

Upon completion of Line School he was assigned as Executive Officer of U.S.S. LSM 397 at Little Creek, Va. for a two year tour from July 1949 to June 1951. He applied for and was detailed to the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Annapolis, Md. At the end of the first semester, the school was moved to Monterey, Ca. At the completion of the two year course he was detailed to the P.G. School at MIT, Cambridge, Ma. to complete his course in Gun Fire Control. He graduated with a Master of Science Degree.

He was then assigned, in June 1954, as the Gunnery Officer in U.S.S. Richard E. Kraus. The ship was engaged in evaluation of new and improved Fire Control Systems, off the Virginia Capes. At the completion of that assignment in June 1956, he was ordered to the Bureau of Ordnance, Special Projects, which managed the development of the Polaris Ballistic Missile System. He was assigned to the Missile Guidance Section to oversee the development of the guidance system gyros and accelerometers.

His next duty assignment was as Executive Officer in U.S.S. Henry B. Walker DD-517, homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He relieved the previous Executive Officer on 22 June 1959. In June 1961 he was sent to the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Va. for a period of six months. He was then ordered to the Bureau of Naval Weapons, via the Naval Guided Missile School at Dam Neck, Va. His assignment was as Head of Guided Missile Research and Development Section. It was during this assignment that he managed the development of the Standard Missile Program. This Missile Program eventually provided Air Defense Missiles to about 80% of the free worlds naval vessels.

In 1965 he was ordered to Command the U.S.S. Floyd B. Parks DD-884, home ported in San Diego, Ca., reporting on 18 September 1964. He relieved the commanding Officer on 1 October 1964. The ship was fresh out of FRAM overhaul, received it's drone helicopters and deployed to the Viet Nam area of operations in the spring of 1965. During that deployment the Parks with U.S.S. H.B. Wilson DDG-7 performed Search and Rescue duties in the Tonkin Gulf. The SAR team directed many rescue operations for Aviators shot down over North Viet Nam. For the performance of his ship in the Gulf he was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal.

He reported to his next duty station in Washington at the Bureau of Naval Weapons on 11 April 1966. In his position as Director of Guided Missile Systems he managed the continued development of Surface to Air Naval Defense Weapons. In August 1968 he was appointed Director Ships Anti-Missile Integrated Defense Program. Under his direction the program, in the next 13 months equipped 12 U.S. Destroyers with an improved capability to defend against anti-ship missiles.

He retired form the Navy 31 August 1969, having completed 26 years of service.

He accepted employment at Tasker Industries, Los Angeles, Ca. His first assignment was in the area of independent Weapons Research. His wife Doris Died 17 July 1970. His next assignment at Tasker was Director, Expendable Jammers. He met and married Lucille Burgess 28 January 1972. He resigned his position at Tasker Industries in 1974 to accept a position at General Dynamics, Pomona, Ca. He performed in several capacities there until he was appointed Director, Management Systems in 1982. He directed the development of the new Data Based Computer System for the Division. He retired from General Dynamics 17 March 1989.

He and his wife built a house in Oceanside, California and reside there today.