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"How a Reunion is Setup"


We thought it might be helpful to newly located shipmates and those who have never attended a reunion to touch on some of the things about the reunions that you might have questions about.

DATES: When we list the dates of the reunion, we list an entire week. There will be someone there for that entire time but most shipmates start arriving on Wed. and Thurs. of the reunion week. You are more than welcome to come at any time that your schedule will allow.

HOTEL ARRIVAL: When you arrive at the hotel and get checked into your room you will want to come to the hospitality room. The hotel desk can direct you. Once there, we will have a check in table set up with our friendly staff of shipmates wives waiting to welcome you with a check in package and some goodies. Everyone will get a name badge with their years of service on it. There will be name badges for your wives also.

ACTIVITIES: Our activities and tours usually take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Once in a great while there will be a Thursday activity or tour. If a tour is to take place starting at 9 a.m. (for instance), we all meet in the lobby of the hotel and there are 2-3 busses lined up outside to take us to our destination. They will also be lined up to bring us back to the hotel. Many times the bus ride alone is worth the cost of the trip. There will be a form in the Parks newsletter long before the reunion to sign up for the activities you would like to participate in. This allows our officers to have a head count of all going on the trips so they can arrange for the busses.

HOSPITALITY ROOM: We ALWAYS have a hospitality room in the hotel where we all gather together. That is the highlight of the reunion for many of us its where we meet our old friends and make many new friends. It's where all "sea stories" are once again told and we realize many are fabricated or embellished by now. That's perfectly acceptable. In our hospitality room will be displayed all the raffle prizes that have been donated by many of our shipmates and their families. It's also where raffle tickets will be sold to anyone wishing to purchase them. We also have our "bar" set up in the hospitality room with beer, wine, and soft drinks. Remember those friendly gals at check in? They will also have tickets for you to buy to get your drinks with. Also in our hospitality room you will want to visit the tables where we have displayed a great deal of history, pictures, write-ups etc. about the Parks. Many shipmates bring their memories and history with them for us to display.

BANQUET DINNER: Our banquet dinner is always held on Sunday night and is a tremendous way to wind up our reunion. It's a great time with everyone looking super and pictures are taken constantly. It is a sit down dinner where you pay for and order long before the banquet when the newsletter comes out with the form in it. We will also draw for our raffle prizes at the banquet.

MEMORY BOOK: The memory book consists of couples pictures taken by a photographer before the banquet as everyone is lined up to go in and looking their best. Also in the memory book will be candid shots taken all during the reunion, tributes, accolades, and dedications. It is filled with many great memories you won't want to forget. The cost is usually about $25 per book and you pay when you get your picture taken at the banquet. Then the book comes in the mail a few months later. There is absolutely no obligation to anyone to buy a memory book but just be sure to have your picture taken.

DRESS CODE…We have absolutely no dress code and most everything we do is "casual". The only activity we do that people dress up for is our banquet dinner and that's because everyone is having their picture made for the memory book. The guys usually wear a suit or slacks and a jacket and the girls a dress or a dressy pantsuit. Once again that is not a dress rule or dress code. You can wear whatever you are comfortable in.

We hope this will give anyone with questions an insight to our reunions. The Floyd B. Parks gave us all a common bond and we share that at the reunions. Many old friendships are renewed and new friendships are made. Everyone leaves for their homes on Monday morning to await the next reunion that brings us back together.

If we have omitted something you would like to know, please ask, as we will help in any way we can.

Association Officers

Tom Wyatt: President
James "Robby" Robbins: Secretary/Treasurer

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