USS Floyd B. Parks DD-884
"The Fightin' Floyd B"

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November 2004

Dear Shipmates,

Our Portland reunion was a great success with a record turnout. We had 109 members attending, 185 total with 27 first time attendees. The hotel was excellent, especially our hospitality suite, 2650 sq. ft. with a large deck outside overlooking the Columbia River.

The weather could have been a little better but was not really that bad. We had four regular attendees who had to cancel out at the last minute due to medical reasons and an auto accident. Capt. Jack O'Neill & Bertha, Warren & Virginia Messick, Tony & Mary Allou and Henry and Phyllis Winstead. They were very disappointed in not being able to attend but expressed their gratitude and thanks to everyone for the cards they received signed by everyone at the reunion.

Capt. Donavan (c/o of parks 68-71) of Pensacola Fl. had a tree fall across his house, and Hugh Webb (70-71) of Navarre, Fl had his house flooded plus other damage so they were unable to attend.

Capt. Eugene Erner (last c/o of parks 1972-73) attended his first reunion in Portland. He has donated the final battle ensign that was flown on the parks in her last combat action. This will be displayed in our hospitality suite at all future reunions. Our thanks to Capt. Erner and we look forward to seeing you again at our reunions.

Tom Wyatt and myself (Robby) will be going to Branson, MO. and Kentucky sometime in Jan. to set up next year's reunion, I will notify everyone with the dates as soon as we know. Also we'll be having our mini-reunion in San Diego again probably in April 05, I will notify everyone in or near San Diego once we establish a date. If you live out of the area and can attend please contact me in early march.

For the raffle 4 people who could not attend sent raffle items, we really appreciate your support of our raffle. The money raised at our raffle provides all the extras we have at the reunion. (Gifts for the ladies, bag tags, hatpins, cake and coffee on Friday evening etc.)

Clyde Williams (RD2 57-61) was elected as "Master At Arms" to replace Art Nokes who passed away in Jan. 04. It was also voted to retain the current committee members for another year.

I have some extra reunion memory books from Orlando, FL. 2000, Baton Rouge, LA 2002, and Charleston S.C. 2003, $25.00 each, also have the golf shirts $20.00, Caps $10.00, F.B. Parks patches $5.00, Pins & Key Chains $2.00. Shirts are navy blue or white please state size and color for shirts, there is a $3.00 shipping charge for any one item or combination of items.

Please send any pictures taken at the reunion to Anthony Allou for possible inclusion in our reunion memory book. Last year Tony put together an excellent 41 page book so give him plenty of pictures to select from. Tony's address is:

Anthony Allou
2609 Wesnley Drive
Charlotte N.C. 28210

Telphone: 704-552-2657

Don't forget to visit our website at: (www, Sam Villa, our Webmaster, is doing an excellent job and is continually adding new material.

Just received word that our shipmate Russell Bower a plankowner passed away 12 Oct. after and extended illness. Russell attended 7 of our 12 reunions.

We really appreciate the support of our plankowners; we have had 15 to 25 plankowners at each reunion. We especially appreciate the efforts of Bob Crosby who puts out a plankowners newsletter and keeps everyone informed and in contact with each other.

Had a request from Eric Spurbeck whose father Lloyd Spurbeck a GM3 served on the parks 49-50. He would like any info or pictures of his dad.

I have a photo album from Joseph Rogers, which was donated to the Association by Elva Rogers that contained 10 good pictures of Spurbeck. I sent them to Eric. If you have any info or pictures you would like to send Eric please let me know.

If we don't have your e-mail address or if yours has changed please notify Sue Birdsong at:

We sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed the reunion, especially the first time attendees! We would appreciate any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the reunions.

Take care, stay healthy and keep in touch.

Tom, Bill, & Robby

Greeting Shipmates,

Hope that everyone has a safe return from Portland. As I reflect back on the reunion, again Robby and his crew did an excellent job planning the activities during the week and the banquet was again a great success. Also, I would like to say a special thank you to all who donated items for the raffle on Sunday night.

This year we had 27 new members in attendance and approximately 109 members in total attendance. Every year our new members increase and this is a good sign for our future reunions.

Last Sunday I received this poem from a church member and decided to share it with you. A friend sent the poem to him, and the author is unknown.


I got up early one morning,
And rushed right into the day,
I had so much to accomplish that
I didn't have time to pray.
Problems just tumbled about me
And heavier came each task;
"Why doesn't God help me?" I wondered He said "But you didn't ask."
I wanted to see joy and beauty but the day Toiled on gray and bleak;
I wondered why God didn't show me
He said " But you didn't seek."
I tried to come into God's presence;
I used all my keys at the lock,
God gently and lovingly chided,
"My child, you didn't knock"
I woke up early one morning,
And paused before entering the day;
I had so much to accomplish
That I had to take time to pray.

In closing as we approach the upcoming season of Thanksgiving, I hope that everyone will stop and reflect on the many blessings we have been given. Also, remember our troops across our nation and their families.

Herman W. Carter