USS Floyd B. Parks DD-884
"The Fightin' Floyd B"

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February 2005

Dear Shipmates,

Hope everyone had a joyous holiday season, have recovered and doing well.
Tom & I went to Springfield & Branson MO on 15-26 Jan. We selected the Clarion hotel in Springfield, MO, reunion dates are 19-26 Sept. The rates are $ 62.50 per night and that rate is extended to 3 days before and 3 days after the reunion. We have rooms blocked until 1 Sept. if you make reservations after that date your rate will be higher. The phone number for reservations is 800-756-7318, their cancellation policy is you can cancel by 1800 on the day of your reservation without penalty, please make your reservation early as it helps us with planning. They have complimentary airport transportation; there are plenty of restaurants and a large shopping mall within walking distance.

We chose Springfield over Branson for convenience and price. Branson is a one-hour bus ride and a cost of $30.00 per person. Our tentative plans for activities are to visit Fantastic Caverns, Wonders of Wildlife Museum and the Bass pro shop all in Springfield on Friday 23 Sept. To see two shows in Branson on Sat. 24 Sept. and take Sunday as free or kick back time since everyone will be worn out from the two previous days. We have brochures on all the above places, which we'll send to everyone who signs up for the trip. The list for the new shows in Branson comes out in March, we will select two shows then and have all the details in the next newsletter.
There are over 100 shows in Branson so you may want to come early and see some of them, there are also other things to see in Springfield a town with a population of
150, 000.

If we don't have your e-mail address or if yours has changed please notify Sue Birdsong at E-mail addresses and our website is for communication between members, keeping members informed of Parks activities, historical data etc. Please do not send out blanket political or religious articles to our website or members or items for sale. Our Webmaster is not authorized to put anything on the website without prior approval.

Tony Allou is putting our Portland reunion memory book together and it should be mailed out in March if you don't receive yours by 1 May please let me know. I have some extra reunion books from Orlando FI 2000, Baton Rouge, LA 2002 and
Charleston, SC 2003 they are $25.00 each.

Our San Diego mini-reunion in San Diego will be on April 2 at 1200 to ? If you can attend please notify Sue Birdsong at 951-789-5309 or e-mail or Bob Bahler at 858-565-6218 e-mail The mini reunion will be held at the Sizzler restaurant 2855 midway Dr. San Diego.

Capt. Erner sent me copies of messages received form Commander Task Unit 77.1.0 and 77.1.1, Commander Task Group 75.9, Commander Seventh Fleet, Commander Destroyer Squadron One and Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla Eleven congratulating the Parks for its performance in Vietnam Dec 72 and Jan 73, also a copy of the letter issued along with the Meritorious Unit commendation for service during the period 19 July 72 to 27 Dec 72. I have sent these to a number of people who were on the Parks during these times but if you didn't receive one call or write me for a copy.

Dues are due on 1 Jan each year if you haven't sent yours yet please do so. Due are $15.00 each year.

...Airlines into Springfield are United, Delta, Northwest & American.
...Amtrak goes to Saint Louis and Kansas City.

For those interested in a golf game on Thursday call Clyde Williams at 417-833-1717.

Tom & Robby


Hope that everyone had a Happy Holiday Season and is looking forward the year 2005. As I reflect back on 2004, my thoughts turn to those in crisis and to our country. Let us remember those that are devastated by the tsunami in Asia and downpours of rain and mudslides that hit the California area. Also, let us always keep our President and military troops in our thoughts and prayers.

As we prepare for the New Year let me share a poem I read from a devotional prayer book.

A Single Day

If 1 had but a single day,
Where would 1 go? What would 1 say?
How would 1 choose my time to spend?
What would 1 do before day's end?
If I only had one day?

If I had but a single day,
Would 1 relive some yesterday?
Would 1 recall all my regrets,
The jobs undone, the useless frets,
If 1 only had on day?

If 1 had but a single day
Would fear of some tomorrow play
Upon my mind and steal from me
The present opportunity
If I only had one day?
If I had but a single day
Would labor claim my night and day?
Would every waking moment be
Consumed to grasp prosperity
If I only had one day?

If I had but a single day
Would 1 find time kneel and pray?
Would kindness, love and charity
Toward other take priority,
If I only had one day?

Indeed, I have a single day,
1 can't recover yesterday,
Tomorrow is beyond my grasp.
1 can't control future or past,
For 1 only have this day?

Michael Fink

Hope everyone has a prosperous 2005 and begin to make plans for our September 2005 reunion.