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February 01, 2007

Shipmate, I'm forwarding the email about PARKS Reunion in San Diego in September. YNCM Harry Brantley 
In a message dated 2/1/2007 9:03:32 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Hi everyone,

I bet many of you are wondering how we did. Well, we nailed it down today.  SAN DIEGO is “HOME PORT FOR 2007 REUNION.”  The reunion will be

Sept. 17-23 at the HOLIDAY INN at Hotel Circle South in Mission Valley.

  The room rate is $85 per night.  Now, we need your help.  Many of you have asked us for so long to go back to homeport and we have finally done it so we now need you to be sure to be there.  Don’t let us down.  The second thing we need from you is to make your reservations EARLY.  That is important.  The Holiday Inn has a 24 hour cancellation policy and that means that if you make your reservations and if you have to cancel for some reason and you do it before 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival there will be no charge to you.  With that in place there is absolutely no reason you cant make your reservation in April versus August.  You guys, we are totally excited about this years reunion and can hardly wait, its should be awesome.  We NEED to have this big celebration this year before we lose any other shipmates or their families.  Mark your calendars and make your plans.  We have ideas for trips and entertainment but that’s way down the line somewhere.  Still to be decided.  You will get a newsletter later this month with more info in it.  We just wanted to let you all know that were "going home" to San Diego this year. 

Medical updates:  Lois Robbins got the pump out of her foot yesterday and is now able to walk on her foot.....hopefully this will take care of things for her and she will be good to go from now on. 
Mary Papez is STILL in the hospital in Intensive Care and they have done a tracheotomy for her to breathe.......keep on keeping her and Paul in your hearts, thoughts and prayers.......we really need to help pull her through this.  Thanks to all who sent "thinking of you" cards.  Remember, you don’t have to know the ill shipmate or family member, all you need to know is that this is a Parks member or his family in trouble.

Mini Reunion on April 7th at Fleet Reserve Assoc. in Imperial Beach

On this trip we also located a new place for our April 7th San Diego mini reunion.  This year it will be at the FRA (Fleet Reserve Assn) in Imperial Beach.  The meeting will be at 12 noon, lunch will be served to us at a price of $10 per person, and these people were super nice to work with.  Mark that date on your calendar and for those that attend we can give you more info on the Sept. reunion at the mini. 

Gene Erner.......notice I remembered!!!!!!!
Joe Lapadula.......I kept Robby in line!!!!
Joan Odom......BIG THANK YOU for the FRA info......that worked out wonderful!!!
Bruce and Mary.....will you be there this year and can you handle pics once again?  If so we have other jobs for the Kotulskis. 
Bob and Jeri Canfield......can you help with the mini again this year?  You're terrific help.
Deegan, Colbert and Riggs........SHOW UP IN SEPT.

ONCE AGAIN A REMINDER AND A GENTLE NUDGE.  IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY PAID YOUR DUES PLEASE DO SO NOW!!!!!  Dues are $15 per year.  They are due in Jan. of each year.  Make checks payable to U.S.S. FLOYD B. PARKS and write on the memo line "dues for 2007".  Send checks to:

James "Robby" Robbins
P.O. Box 61
Twain, Ca. 95984

More later...........its been a long 3 days....... everyone please take care and stay and hugs to you all........Bill, Robby, and Sue