USS Floyd B. Parks DD-884
"The Fightin' Floyd B"

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Aug 5, 2005

Dear Shipmates,

Hope everyone is in good health and making plans to travel to Springfield next month. If you haven't made your hotel reservations yet please do it now by calling
1-800-756-7318, if you haven't sent me the activities sign up form with your check please do it right away, we need them early for planning purposes.

In case you misplaced your sign up form another is included in this newsletter. There was an error in the last newsletter regarding the size of the tapestry, it was described as 48x48 in one place and 48x68 in another 48x68 is the correct size. We misjudged the cost of postage to mail the tapestry. We estimated postage at $5.00, the post office disagrees and charges $7.95. So the price of the tapestry has increased from $45.00 to $48.00.


48 X 68


Go to Ship's
Store at

Don't forget our raffle on Sunday, we already have some very nice items plus cash prizes donated, also remember to bring the return address labels to stick on back of the raffle tickets, this makes it easier for everyone and also expedites the raffle.

One prize we are considering giving each year is free penmanship lessons.

If you want to play golf on Thursday call Clyde Williams at 417-833-1717.

If you change your e-mail address please notify Sue Birdsong at ASAP.

When you check it at the reunion please read the instructions you receive before asking questions, we try to cover everything and it will make the ladies job a lot easier.

In addition to our coffee & cake on Friday night we are having a surprise special event in our hospitality suite, don't miss this one, it is a Parks first.

Just received word that our shipmate John E. Strickland of Blackshear Georgia passed away on 1 July 05. John attended 5 reunions, he served on the Parks 1951-54.

If you have Parks memorabilia, pictures etc. please bring them to display in the hospitality suite. Please put your name on all items in case they get misplaced or forgotten.

If you are attending a reunion for the first time and have any questions please go to our website or call me.

Some people have asked if they could pay for activities and the banquet dinner upon arrival. We can do this but it is very inconvenient and disruptive for us, we have to let the people we are dealing with know in advance how many people are attending, we have to know how many buses to rent etc. If you pay in advance and can't attend for some reason let us know a few days in advance and we can refund your money.

We would appreciate any suggestions after the reunion on how we can make them better, we need and appreciate your input.

As usual about this time of the year we (Tom & Robby) really start chomping at the bit and honing up on our sea and land stories preparing for the reunion next month. You folks that haven't signed up yet better hop to it or you're really going to miss a great reunion!
The activities we have planned are totally different than past reunions. Come on folks, get you RX filled, make reservations, let Robby know, pack a "Ditty Bag" and we will look forward to seeing you in Springfield, MO the week of September 19th
Tom's # 352-344-5424 Robby's # 530-283-2165

Tom & Robby

Greetings from your Chaplain: Herman W. Carter

Hope everyone has been having a great summer and that your weather has not been as hot as we have had in Georgia. Many days the temperature has been well over 95 degrees. Loree and I have had a good summer.

She and I celebrated our 50"' Wedding Anniversary on July 1. To honor this special occasion, the children and grandchildren gave us a golden anniversary celebration.

Speaking about celebrations, I encourage each one to make plans for our upcoming reunion in Springfield, Missouri. From the looks of the agenda, Robbie and his crew have an exciting week plaimed for all.

As I reflect back over the past years, I am often reminded of the sacrifice that is made so we as individuals can be free. But what are the pleasure and demands of freedom may people ask? Freedom is a package deal-with it come responsibilities and consequences. Freedom includes rights, riches, and reasoning. Responsibilities demand time, effort, w1d noble intentions. Consequences cost money, mistakes, and misfortunes.

The freedom of any group of people can best be measured by the volume of its laughter. How often, how loud, and how long do you laugh? Eugene P. Bertin said " Freedom is not the right to do as you please, but the liberty to do as your ought." Psalm 119:44-45 states: I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your actions.

In closing, let us remember our troops that are fighting today for the freedoms we enjoy, our president as he leads our nation, and we as a nation be joined in unity for the freedoms we so richly enjoy. May we never take freedom for granted? Again, hope to see you in Springfield.



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23 Sept
Tours $35.00      
24 Sept
25 Sept
Fish Chicken  
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