Mini Reunion 2010
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Our attendance at this yearly mini reunion just keeps growing.  What a plus for the Parks assn.  Once again our shipmates are the best ever!!  This was the largest mini reunion we have ever had and thus the most fun with 48 people attending.  Everyone was busy shaking hands, hugging and talking with their friends and shipmates.  It was a terrific day and a great turnout. 

The FRA did their usual super job of decorating for us, having tables set up and ready and the swiss steak lunch was again awesome.  Many of our moms used to fix swiss steak and we haven’t had it for years…..and we sure look forward to it every spring at the FRA. 

The “candy count” jar was this year filled with tootsie rolls and won by Riley Akers.  Riley was good enough to have one of his daughters take the jar around so everyone could enjoy the tootsie rolls. 

We have a great shipmate and his wife who live in Boise and are a great help in planning this years reunion.  That’s Bob & Marcia Keith.  They sent an outstanding box of candy from a local Boise candy co. and donated it as a door prize which was won by Otis Patterson and he refused to share it with Sue Birdsong.  Not nice!!

We had shipmates attend from all across the U.S.  From S.C. were Mel & Fran Wright who every year come to CA. and spend the last week before the mini with the Birdsongs and help put the finishing touches on the reunion.  Many thanks Mel & Fran!  Then we had Oscar Boudreaux come from LA.  Walter Soboleff came all the way from Alaska and Joe La Padula came from NE.  Otis & Mildred Patterson and John Curry came from NV. 

So you can see what a great, great day it was and how once again the dedication of the Parks people comes through.  Our neat webmaster, Sam Villa and his wife Linda, were both there and Sam took tons of good pictures of this day.  They are on the website for all to see. 

Those attending were…..Franklin Rogers, Captain Gene Erner, John & Carol Harville, Bob Bahler, Captain Jack O’Neill, Oscar Boudreaux, Solomon Honeycutt, Polly Gutierrez, Dick Blackington, Joe Talbert, Richard & Rose Kong, Jim Bender, Joe & Bodell Moore, Joe La Padula, Joe Wrennall, Jeri Canfield, Larry & Twila Scribner, Mel & Fran Wright, Vernon Marion, Joe Keeley, Otis & Mildred Patterson, Riley & Clara Akers, Robin Akers, Linda Akers-Lewellen, David Charlebois, Janet Romero, John Curry, Larry & Wilma Johnston, Walter Soboleff, Randy Scuria, Juan Sanchez, Eric Danilewicz, Cesar Ylagan, Sam Wilcot, Len Nielsen, Sam & Linda Villa, and Bill & Sue Birdsong.

We sure hope to see YOU next year! 


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