USS Floyd B. Parks DD-884
"The Fightin' Floyd B"

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Once again the mini reunion in San Diego was a huge success. We had 4 less attendees than last year…there were 32 people attended this year.. but every bit as much fun. Last minute illness kept a few away. Lunch was great as always but our main source of enjoyment was shipmates being together.

We had shipmates from Georgia, Utah, Nevada, and No. CA. We gave away 5 door prizes and the candy jar ("guess how many") was won by Kevin Reidy who was down from No. Ca. for his first mini reunion. Harold Golden came out from Georgia and attended his first mini reunion. We had 1 newly found shipmate that attended…Larry Larson and his wife Linda. And 1 plankowner … Charles Seeger.

The fourth Captain of the Floyd B. Parks was CDR. HERBERT G. CLAUDIUS 49-51. We were especially honored to have his son with us at the mini reunion this year. Sea stories were abundant and that's as it should be at our reunions. Hearing a shipmate say to his wife…… "You are not going to believe who is in there"…….now, that's what these reunions are all about. Shipmates together and friendships galore……it doesn't get any better than that.

Those attending were:

"Robby" Robbins, John Scherck, Bob Bahler, Harold Golden, Ron Cornelius, Captain Jack O'Neill and his wife Bertha, Greg and Shirley Westhusin, Vernon Marion, Solomon and Frances Honeycutt, Larry and Linda Larson, Kevin and Nancy Reidy, Buck Tanner and Joan Briley, Bob and Jeri Canfield, Otis Patterson, Richard and Rose Kong, Charles Seeger, Fritz Large and Sandra Jones, Joseph Keeley, Sam Wilcot, Ted Hansen, Herbert Claudius Jr. and Bill and Sue Birdsong.

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