Mini Reunion April 2007
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Another great mini reunion in San Diego and we all enjoyed our new digs to hold it in.  The FRA (Fleet Reserve Assn.) allowed us to spread out and all be in the same room.  The Sizzler served us well for many years but we outgrew the space we had in their small dining room and overflowed into another room.  The FRA provided us a terrific luncheon, very welcome greeting and super people to work with.  We couldn’t have asked for better.  They even got us a cake for dessert that had our “Floyd B. Parks” name on it along with the American flag.  We believe that if they will have us that will be our new home for our mini reunions. 
We had 37 people attending and all had a great time.  Its so heartwarming to see shipmates and their families reunite after a year or two and the great hugs and conversations that go along with being together again.  The day held a lot of smiles, laughter, friendship, and of course the usual “sea stories”.  For those who work to put the reunions on that is the payoff… watch everyone enjoying themselves and anxious for next year to come to do it all again. 
We premiered our new Parks products…..Floyd B. Parks license plate frame, mousepads, 4 knives engraved with “Floyd B. Parks” and some long sleeved t-shirts.  Check our Ships Store on the website. 
Those attending were Robby & Lois Robbins, Bob Bahler, Harold Golden, Cap’t Jack O’Neill & Bertha, Joe Keeley, Franklin Rogers, Gordon Frost, Phil Babcock, Mel & Fran Wright, Jim Naugle & Norma Martin, Sandra Jones, Solomon Honeycutt, Vernon Marion, Larry, Linda & Caitlyn Larson, Cesar Ylagan, John & Carol Harville, Sam & Linda Villa (webmaster), Riley & Clara Akers, Richard & Rose Kong, Donald Byrd, Juan Sanchez, Victor Danilewicz (Juans grandson), John Curry, Jim Bender, Jake Wade, & Bill & Sue Birdsong.

Great photos below by Bob Bahler

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