The Parks Assoc. has available to all its members the following shipmate rosters and lists:

1. Active list
2. Inactive list
3. Deceased list
4. Email list.

If you have a computer and would like to have any one of these sent to you via an "attachment" to an email please contact Dennis Allion at: fbparksdd884.treas@gmail.com

These lists will help you keep in contact with your shipmates and friends and are for your pleasure.

There is one thing that the Floyd B. Parks Assoc. would like to ask of you..........if you make or have a product to sell please do not send out blanket or mass mail to all shipmates.

Also please refrain from sending out blanket or mass mailings concerning political and religious writings. Keep these things among your close friends and shipmates so as not to offend anyone who might not appreciate the mailing.

The Parks Assoc. does not involve in any of these practices and appreciates your help in keeping this great group free from problems.


All material submitted automatically becomes the property of Sam Villa and the USS Floyd B. Parks Association. Please let us know if you want mailed documents sent back to you and of course please send us a self stamped envelope.

We thank all who have contributed to the Park's website.

USS Floyd B. Parks Association