Buffalo Reunion 2014
Photos fromTom Zak


4 Amigos Parks reunion 2014 Dinner with RADM Smith and his wife Kathleen P9170006 P9170007 P9190008 P9190010 P9190011
P9190012 P9190013 P9190015 P9190016 P9190017 P9190018 P9190020
P9190022 P9190024 P9200027 P9210026 P9210027 P9210029 P9210030
P9210032 P9210034 P9210035 P9210036 P9210037 P9210039 P9210040
P9210042 P9210044 P9210046 P9210047 P9210049 P9210050 P9210051
This is RADM Smith with some of his deck-force of 1966.