During this past week I had the great pleasure to attend 4 days of the Tin Can Sailors Reunion in Houston, Texas.  PARKS was well represented by our president, vice president, I as Secretary/Treasurer as well as ten others plus several wives. 

President Jim Smith called to order a meeting of the Association members at 6PM on Wednesday, September 27, 2022 at the Hilton Houston North hotel, 12400 Greenspoint Drive, Houston, TX 77060. 

President James Smith
Vice President John Hall
Sec/Tres Dennis Allion
Chuck Bussell (note- he has attended every reunion of the PARKS Association ever held)
James Elmore
Norm Fendrick
Bob Hartz
David Murtaugh
Byron Miller
Don Porter
Gary W. Sherman

Several wives were present during the meeting as well. 

President Smith read aloud a list of members who have died since our last meeting in New Orleans in 2019. A moment of silence was observed in their memory.

Treasurer Allion provided a brief update on the Association Finance. The club has $44,139 before current reunion expenses. As authorized by a vote of the members in attendance at the 2019 New Orleans reunion President Smith, VP Hall and Treas Allion authorized spending up to $1,000 on hospitality for the current reunion. $873.35 was expended on hospitality room expenses and meals for attending members and their spouses.  There are minimal routine recurring expenses including newsletter (approximately $400 per newsletter), $720 for maintaining the PARKS website, and $30 per year for other online services. 

President Smith proposed, and the topic was discussed among the members present, that we explore the possibility of having a mini reunion in the Carmel, CA area in the spring (April/May) of 2023. Members present were supportive of the possibility and moved and approved the effort to explore such a reunion. President Smith generously offered the services of his wife, Pamela, to investigate possible hotels, tours and restaurants in the Monterey/Carmel California area. More information will follow. 

The next Tin Can Sailors reunion is planned to be held in September 2023 in Atlantic City, NJ.

A motion was made and seconded that we adjourn the meeting at 6:36PM.

Dennis Allion

PS, if any of the members present see any errors or omissions and want to correct  my minutes please direct them to me. Thanks.

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